Can Your Dog Stay and Play with Us?

Daycare is a great place for your dog to play off-leash with doggie friends and have their obedience reinforced in our small group, supervised playgrounds.  Your dog can have a great time making friends in our enriching environment not to mention burning off some of that exuberant energy so that at the end of the day you can go home with a tired, relaxed dog.

Weekdays we open at 7:45 and the dogs play both indoors and out for most of the morning. With our staff they work on learning not to jump up, Come When Called, Sit When Asked as well as Back Away.  All the dogs learn to sit at doorways and gates as well as in small groups. At about 12:00 they are ready for a little down time so we bring everyone inside, turn down the lights, turn on gentle music while they find a comfy place to curl up in until about 2:00.  During this time most dogs are crated for their nap and snack because they really benefit from a little time on their own! Interaction and training with humans and dogs continues after lunch until about 3:00 when many dogs settle down to watch the comings and goings.  Daycare dogs must be picked up by 5:15 on weekdays. On weekends and holidays Daycare dogs will follow the same schedule as our Boarding guests.

We accept healthy dogs who enjoy the company of people and other dogs who are generally 16 weeks old with current vaccinations. If you require care for a younger puppy please discuss with our staff.  Generally we require dogs to be spayed or neutered by 10 months.  We recommend a regular day-per-week commitment to keep your dogs social skills up and so that they can see their friends on a regular basis.

The Daycare rooms are bright and cheery.  The floors are either concrete or light rubber matt.  Outdoors in our 5 securely fenced yards we have both artificial turf and gravel.  Our staff have all passed through our Daycare Training program and have also earned their Pet First Aid Certificates.

Who will likely enjoy Dog Daycare?

Most friendly dogs who are willing to share, who like people, who enjoy off-leash doggie friends and who have shown no possessive or predatory behaviour usually enjoy their time in daycare. Each dog must pass an initial behaviour assessment to determine if they will fit in well at Good Dog Works!  Our program may not be right for every dog and we reserve the right to make this determination. Owners must sign a rules and regulations form, client agreement, and be prepared to return to pick up a tired dog at the end of the day.  We do separate dogs by size and also occasionally by play style and age.

Okay, and sometimes we play dress up, hang out in the pool or have fashion shows, we even go camping using our pup tent, of course!  Occasionally we do arts and crafts, feel free to ask about that!

Sandy Canada Day

Registration and Information about Dog Daycare

Before your first daycare day you can drop by to pick up a registration form or have us email it to you.  Then call to make an appointment to bring your dog, forms and vaccination record in for a brief introduction and orientation.  We will observe your dog’s behaviour with our staff as well as with an individual and/or a small group of dogs while you hang out in the lobby. We want to be sure that not only are they a good fit for our daycare, but that they enjoy themselves!  For newly adopted adult dogs we prefer to wait until they have lived with you for 3 months before orientation.

Dog Daycare Requirements 

Friendly, healthy, flea free dogs of all ages and sizes with proof of current vaccination and parasite prevention program or written veterinary approval.

All dogs require a quick-release flat collar while attending daycare.  Dogs must be on-leash to arrive and leave our facility.  Feel free to label your leash with your name or your dog’s name.

We  are open 7:45 to 5:15 Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays we are open from 8:00am-12:00 and from 4:00 to 8:00pm and Daycare Dogs are welcome then as well.

Good Dog Works! is a busy place.  Reservations are required for daycare and boarding to ensure that there is a space for your dog.  Customers arriving without reservations may find that we are full for the day.

For young dogs feel free to bring a small lunch or snack in a container with their name written on it. They burn a lot of energy and are sometimes hungry by nap time.

Please let us know if you cannot make your reserved date so that we can invite someone else to stay and play.

Payment for daycare is required daily except for those using a Ten-Day Card.  We accept e-transfer, Visa/MasterCard, debit, or cash.

If your dog has an injury or is not feeling well or has been vomiting, coughing, gagging, sneezing or has diarrhea we ask that you keep them home until they are feeling better.  After surgery. including spay/neuter, dogs can return after their stitches have been removed.  Please keep us informed regarding your dog’s well being.

Owners are required to let us know if there have been any changes in their dogs lives including but not limited to changes in their health or behaviour.  Owners are required to let us know if their dog has bitten a person or other animal or been involved in any mishaps.

Please advise us of any changes to your current contact information for home, work, cell phone and email as well as your emergency back up person in case we may need to contact you.

Thank you for considering us – we look forward to meeting you and your dog!

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Boarding is Reserved for Regular Daycare Clients Only

Reservations are required for weekend daycare and boarding.

We would be delighted to care for your furry family member while you are away.  Our overnight guests must pass through the same admissions procedure as our Daycare participants and during weekdays will generally follow the Daycare schedule.  They will play in supervised off-leash Daycare and are generally tired by the end of the day.  They are happy to have supper, snuggle up and go to sleep.  An evening stretch, bathroom break and bed snack usually guarantee a good nights sleep. On weekends and holidays dogs are loose off leash from 8:00-12:00 and 4:00-8:00 except for meals and they are kennelled individually from 12:00-4:00. As Daycare is socially demanding most dogs are ready for the downtime and will settle in to spend the night in a private, spacious wire or plastic kennel or in our Doggie Suite.  Some, depending on age, behaviour and comfort may prefer a bed in a room on their own.  With your help we reserve the right to make this decision.

For sleepovers, please bring your dog’s food and any treats you like them to have in containers with their name on it as well as written feeding and medication instructions and any other things you would like us to know.  Please bring medication in original containers. We will provide bedding and food dishes.  Dogs don’t share well in groups so please leave toys and bones at home. We do have a fridge & freezer on site.  There are currently no extra charges for medication or preparing specialized meals.

The fees for sleepovers are calculated based on 30.00 for the first 24 hours or part there of and then the cost of additional time is added as full or half-day daycare.

Farm Boarding

In home sleepovers are occasionally available.  These select guests hang out with us at our farm and do just whatever we are doing.  They are walked on long-lines through our hay fields and sleep pretty much where ever they want to. Dogs are regular Daycare clients and are checked in and out at Good Dog Works.