Loose Leash Walking with Distractions!

Setting You and Your Dog Up For Success!

Our dog training program aims to be both fun and effective for people and their dogs and at the same time gentle and mutually respectful. This approach is based on an understanding of how dogs and humans learn and the fundamental thread is that reinforcement builds and maintains behaviour. Classes may be held indoors and outdoors as weather permits.

Positive but not permissive our dog training classes help you get the behaviour you want from your dog while you develop a willing training partner and become a team. We use a sound followed by a reward to let your dog know they got it right! This engages both you and your dog in the learning process. Doesn’t that sound like fun already?  Most 7 week programs cost 220.00 plus tax.

Who Should Train your Dog?

All family members are invited to come to class. Children under 8 must be accompanied by another adult.  If younger children are part of the family an adult can train the dog and then the children can ask for behaviours once the dog has learned them.

Group Class Schedule


We are offering some small group, ZOOM classes as well as in-person classes. Please call or write to indicate your interest.

Resilient Puppy  in-person starts Wed Aug 10 at 6:30,

Resilient Puppy on Zoom starting soon let me know if you are interested!


For puppies 10-20 weeks old.

Call and let us know! We will start a Zoom class with 3 registered students! Either course is one hour per week for 7 weeks cost 220.00 plus tax includes access to private Facebook Group and video library. First class is without the puppies. Call, email, Facebook to register

Level #1 Basic Good Manners start date Thu September, 6:30

Course is One Hour per week for 7 weeks cost 220.00 plus tax. includes access to private Facebook Group and video library.Call, email, Facebook to register. For dogs over 20 weeks. People only at the first class.

Level #2 Basic Good Manners Th, Sept 7:30

Reaching For A Higher Level! This 7-week class at Good Dog Works! builds on the relationship and training that you started in Resilient Puppy and Basic Good Manners.  We are demanding more from our dogs.  We will teach them new behaviours that they haven’t learned yet.  We will practice recently acquired skills and we will increase the level of difficulty by raising the distractions for behaviours they already know. Yes! Your dog comes on the first night!! Let us know if you are interested!!

Level #3 Above and Beyond Good Manners

This is where it gets really fun!!  Dogs and owners both know how learning works and so we apply it here to new behaviours limited only by your imagination and your dogs physical abilities. This 7-week class at Good Dog Works! might build some precision, maybe a Trick Dog Title, maybe preparing for a little Rally Obedience. Yes! Your dog comes on the first night!

You must pre-register! Let us know if you are interested!!

Control Unleashed, Time for Tea Sunday Aug 21 6:30

Zoom classes are One Hour per week for 7 weeks cost 255.00 plus tax. Plus handouts and Private Interactive Facebook group. Call, email, messenger to register. Next class starting late May or early June. These classes are small and there is some flexibility about dates and times.

This class is for for Nervous, Anxious or Reactive Dogs using Control  Unleashed Pattern Behaviours developed by Leslie McDevitt and taught by our Control Unleashed Certified trainer Alex Keir. In this course you can also post videos and comments throughout the week for direct feedback  and support on our private Facebook group. Call, email, Facebook to register. Pay to reserve your spot! ! Let us know if you are interested!!

One-on-One Training for Dogs

A personalized approach for you and dog  with a trainer. Cost 100.00 per hour plus tax. An opportunity to work on the specific things that you want to.

Trouble in Paradise for Cats and Dogs

Working with you and your dog or cat to resolve behaviour problems. We appreciate how difficult it can be to live with a dog who,for any number of reasons, causes you concern. This is why we offer a one-on-one approach to Behaviour Modification and Counter Conditioning.  Talk to Alex Keir, our Certified Behaviour Consultant (CBCC-KA) with 30 years of experience, to set up an appointment to talk about what is going on with your dog or cat and to create and implement a plan to address the issues. This can be done in person, on the phone, by email or via video. Cost 100.00 per hour plus tax.

Lectures and Presentations

    • Workplace Bite Prevention.
    • Dog Body Language-What are they trying to tell us?
    • Dog Play-What’s okay, what’s not. How and when to intervene.
    • Choosing a Puppy-which one is the right one for me??
    • Aggression
    • Reactivity
  • Prepare your home and family for a new puppy or rescued dog.
  • Puppy Training from the arrival of the puppy in your home!
  • A No Bite program for elementary students..
  • All About Dogs A 5-session program for grades 6-9
  • Presentations on Operant Conditioning, Dog Training and Dog and Human Behaviour
  • Workplace Bite Prevention Presentation