Time for Tea Taught by our Certified Control Unleashed Instructor (CCUI) this class is based on the work of the amazing Leslie McDevitt, the idea being that confidence,  focus and connection can be developed when you and your dog know certain predictable patterns. It is about conversations between 2 species.  Each dog and human team going at their own pace.

The class is primarily a behaviour class because its underlying principles are based on the behaviour modification techniques of desensitization and counter conditioning. It will help you and your dog learn to cope with such environmental stressors as unfamiliar people, dogs and surroundings, or kids on bicycles or the dog down the street. It can help worried and distracted dogs slow down to build confidence, focus and calmness in any environment. It offers a model of “conversational” training that help our dogs make good behavioural choices.

It will be an introduction to a different way to look at the whole thing.

In the online version of this class, we will go through the foundational Control Unleashed™ exercises one by one. You will train the exercises at home and then post videos of your training in a private Facebook group. I have created 6 units of videos and written handouts for the exercises, offer detailed feedback on your videos and we can have extended discussions with each other. It is an awesome opportunity to take the class on your own time and do it on whatever schedule suits you and your dog. This can become the foundation for taking your relationship with your dog to a whole new level. The fee for this class is 200. plus tax.

In the in person version of this class, there are 4 dogs in each class. The first night is a lecture without the dogs including how to enter the building the following week.  It is one hour per week for 7 weeks and will include access to the online version with video and homework handouts. Part of each class will be discussion without the dogs and part will be reviewing previous weeks homework and learning the new homework. This  is the foundation for taking your relationship with your dog to a whole new level!  First night without the dogs. The fee for this class is 255.00 plus tax comes to 293.30. You must talk with Alex before registering.

Course Instructor
Alex Keir CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, CCUI is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant-Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor. She has 21 years of experience helping puppies, dogs and their humans with every behaviour issue imaginable and continues to learn every day! For further information about registration, contact Alex at gooddogworks/facebook or by email at info@gooddogworks.ca