Building a Resilient Puppy

For puppies 10 to 24 weeks old with current vaccinations.  

Wednesday March 4 at 6:30 .  This is a 4 week short course! First night is a lecture so you come without your pup.

Wednesday April 8 at 6:30 or once 5 pups register.  One hour per week for 7 weeks. First night is a lecture so you come without your pup.

Get Family and Puppy Off to a Great Start! 

This is the age when you can influence how your pup is going to face the world.  This class will focus on making the most of socializing your young pup while they learn to rely on you and develop good manners in a gentle and effective way.  They will meet friendly strangers, play with other puppies and see weird objects and walk on unfamiliar surfaces all in a fun, positive setting.  Learn how to address house-training, puppy biting, crates, chew toys. Prevent problems before they arise. You will learn how to teach bite inhibition as well as sit, come, lie down and off.  Owners will learn training techniques as well as management tools and understand what your dog is trying to tell you.  Why wait?  Train now!  Fun for the whole family! Ideal for first time owners, experienced owners who know how important this is and puppies who are shy, timid or nervous.  Along with veterinary care and good food this is the best money you can spend on your pup!