Basic Good Manners

For family dogs over 24 weeks old with current vaccinations.

Classes start:  Thursday April 9 at 6:30. People only at the first class.

This class is a blast because our dogs are always learning and often by making some little changes you can improve their behaviour significantly. We’ll cover a lot of ground including;  how dogs learn and how we can use that information to train them gently and effectively.  Having boundaries and reasonable expectations you’ll learn how to teach your dog to be a well-behaved member ofvyour family and a willing partner.  We’ll solve and prevent some common, annoying dog behaviours while we build on your training with your dog.  We’ll practice such things as:

  • Come when called
  • Walk on a loose leash
  • Stay when told
  • Sit-Down-Stand
  • Watch Me!
  • Rollover, Spin, Sit Pretty
  • Off/Leave It
  • Trade or Hey! Give Me That!

Level 2 Good Manners

Next class starts:  Thursday April 9 at 7:30

Reaching For A Higher Level! This 7-week class at Good Dog Works! builds on the relationship and training that you started in Resilient Puppy and Basic Good Manners.  We are demanding more from our dogs.  We will teach them new behaviours that they haven’t learned yet.  We will practice recently acquired behaviour and we will increase the level of difficulty by raising the distractions for behaviours they already know.   In the more playful part we will  teach our dogs some fun things like put their toys away, ride a skateboard, ring a bell or pull a wagon.  It’s all tricks to your dog! Yes!! The first night you come with your dog. Pre-registration required.

  • Go to your mat
  • Walk on a loose leash
  • Stay with increased distractions
  • Stay in the Car with the door open
  • Pick it up and Give it to me-Retrieve to my hand
  • Down at a Distance
  • Come! past interesting things
  • Sit for the Friendly Stranger
  • Tug