Alex Keir: Owner, Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine (CBCC-KA), Certified Dog Trainer(CPDT-KA)

High Five with French Brittany Spaniel

I am passionate about dogs and our relationships with them.  My life has been so enriched by the 1000’s of dogs and humans that I have been privileged to work with. For me, teaching humans about dogs is all about helping you understand the dog that you have in front of you and helping you work together toward your goals.  On the whole I think dogs make better followers than leaders and it is our responsibility to guide them.  I have been studying dog behaviour and reward based training for 25 years and on my way have had the generous support of some of the worlds finest trainers and teachers including not only my mother and her dogs but also my dogs, Blackie, Mantequilla, Zoe & Vida as well as Carolyn Clark, Heather Logan, Bob Ottenbrite and Tracy Snyder.

At Good Dog Works! we are committed to life long learning because our understanding of dogs, their behaviour and our behaviour is constantly improving.  To that end I, and our very fine team, attend a variety of educational events every year.  The outstanding ones for me lately have been a few weeks with Bob Bailey training chickens (feel free to ask me about that!), an Advanced Trainer week at Wolf Park with Ken McCort training captive wolves and an excellent weekend with Dr. Nick Dodman, called Dogs on The Couch, examining and responding to mental health issues in dogs.  Last year I and some of our team spent a weekend with Jane Killon at Puppy Culture, a marvelous program for puppies up to 8 weeks old and last year an amazing!! .Also in 2018 excellent 2 days with Micheal Shikashio and Trish MacMillan on Aggression in Dogs.

Ten years ago I was the first Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) in Nova Scotia and in 2018 I am the first Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine (CBCC-KA) in Nova Scotia. I am currently a professional member in both the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT) and the Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and did I say I really like dogs?  Call me and lets talk about your dog!

Donna Truesdale: Owner, Administrator


Until becoming a co-owner of Good Dog Works! with Alex  I spent many years as the Director of Finance for two municipalities in Nova Scotia.  Prior to that, I was involved in the administration of non-profit organizations including a women’s centre, a transition house and an Inuit organization.  I have been on a number of boards; non-profit, communities & national, as well as provincial government boards. So while I may know finance, policy, and systems, I was clearly lacking in some certain kind of education, as the universe dragged me into the dog world having decided that my five children had done their best, but I clearly still needed more ‘raising up’! Dogs have become my greatest teachers and grounding place, and they are gracious enough and patient enough to allow me their company and guidance. I have a P.C.T (Pet Care Technician) diploma from Pet Care Services Organization and attend educational events frequently. Live and Learn! I also had the incredible experience of being the contractor for the development and creation of our building!

Sonya Henderson:  Daycare, Boarding & Grooming

Dog Walk in Trenton Park
Walking the Walk

Sonya has been an integral part of Good Dog Works since 2006.  We are so lucky!  She has great energy with the dogs and the humans and is a study in patience and kindness, she’s also absolutely full of common sense.  Sonya  attends dog related educational events every year most recently an amazing seminar with Jane Killion called Puppy Culture but she has also attended a Canadian Assoc of Professional Pet Dog Trainers Conference,as well as seminars with Dr Sophia Yin, Dr Miranda Cox and Silvia Jay.  She has attained her St John’s Ambulance Pet First Aid and has completed her P.C.T. (Pet Care Technician) exam with top marks and has completed Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 & Group Play 201. At home she hangs out with her Boxer, Chaos.

Penny Wilson:  Behaviour Consultant, Competition Trainer, Daycare & Boarding

Penny with two Duck Tollers

For 12 years Penny has brought a wealth of information to our training classes.  Her fascination and study of dog behaviour, especially anxiety and sound reactivity as well as a lifetime of Siberian Huskys and currently 2 Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, Hector and Ginger gives a real depth to our classes.  Penny competes in and teaches CKC Obedience and Rally Obedience.   Always interested in exploring new activities with her dogs Penny has taken Tracking with Lucy Newton, Steve White and Carol Pernicka as well as Agility with Sarah Leblanc and True North Agility.  She has attended numerous seminars including Kelly Sutton on Freestyle, Brenda Brown from the Sporting Detection Dogs Assoc. and with Dr Sophia Yin. Penny has completed Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 and Group Play 201.


Laurie D’Entrement: Apprentice Trainer, Daycare & Boarding

Laurie hanging out with the big dogs

I started working at Good Dog Works! in April 2012 and haven’t been the same since and it’s all good!  Currently I work in Daycare and Boarding but am working towards my Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) through Good Dog Works Train the Trainer program.  I have certificates in Dog Emotion and Cognition as well as both Human and Canine First Aid. This year for my Continuing Education I attended an amazing weekend called Puppy Culture-Birth to 12 weeks-wow!!  and also just recently completed Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 and Group Play 201.   I enjoy surrounding myself with all the wonders that dogs can bring, they never cease to amaze me.  I also enjoy watching them having the confidence to make new friends and have fun!

Deb Canning: Daycare & Boarding

Spending the day observing and managing groups of dogs, getting to know their individual personalities and needs is challenging and rewarding all at once.  Can’t believe how lucky I am!! I have attained my Walks’n’Wags Pet first Aid Certification. I have also completed Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101.


Phalen MacLean: Daycare & Boarding

Phalen joined our team in 2017. She is a quick learner, very patient and kind with dogs, with excellent attention to order and detail. Phalen got her Walks’n’Wags Pet First Aid Certificate and has completed Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 and Group Play 201.

Linda Ferguson: Groomer

Linda is off just now recovering from a car accident.  Linda loves dogs and she loves to help them look and feel their best!  With 20 years of experience running her own grooming business and working and training with other groomers we are delighted that she has returned to Pictou County and has come to Good Dog Works! With Linda your appointment is booked especially for you.  She works with one dog at a time and dries each one by hand, so no waiting around drying in a crate. Call now to book some time with Linda for your dog!!